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Full Exterior Wash

Interior Vacuum
All-Purpose Clean
Interior Dress (Dash Only)

Exterior Dress (Tires Only)

30-Day Wax

*+$25 for Truck/SUV

**price may increase with excess dirt/sand/ pet hair



Everything included in GOLD plus:
Extract (entire vehicle)
Engine bay clean
Exterior- Moderate surface defects and swirl restoration (multi step)

Paint Sealant 9-12 Months

+$35 for Truck/SUV

**price may increase with excess dirt/sand/ pet hair



Everything included in SILVER plus:

Exterior Clay
Leather Clean

Extract (Mats Only)

Interior Dress (Entire Vehicle)
Exterior -Minor surface defects and swirl restoration
3-6 Month Wax

+$25 for Truck/SUV

**price may increase with excess dirt/sand/ pet hair


Paint Correction- Starting at $400 +

Engine Cleaning - $50
Headlight Restoration- $100
Chrome Polishing -$20 per

Fabric Protectant -$50

Leather Clean & Condition $50

Power Wash Driveway/ Side Walks Pricing Varies




Blow dried
Chrome Polishing

Rim Repair

Curb Rash Repair

Per Rim



R1 Pro Standard

4-5 Hours

Exterior Wash

1Step Paint Correction

R1 Prep clean

1 Coat R1 Coating (9H)

5 years of Protection (Hydrophobic)

Revive spray

R1 Pro Premium

7-8 Hours

Exterior Wash

Clay Vehicle

2 Step Paint Correction

R1 Prep

1 Coat R1 Coating (9H)

5 Years Protection (Hydrophobic)

Revive spray

R1 Pro Deluxe

Exterior Wash

Clay Vehicle 

Multi Step Paint Correction

R1 Prep Clean

1 Coat R1 Coating (9H)

5 years of Protection (Hydrophobic)

Revive Spray

8+ Hours

 R1 Coating Add- Ons

2nd R1 Coat (Adds 1 Year of Protection) $150 "Super Hydrophobic"

3rd  R1 Coat (Adds 1 Year of Protection) $150  "Hyper Hydrophobic"

Coat Wheels $200

Coat Glass $100

Coat Trim $100

Gold Interior Detail $100

Platinum Interior Detail $130

After Coating

Before Coating



Full service detail and paint decontamination
Single or Multi step correction (price varies)
Trim and molding coating
Wheel coating

Window Coating
Ultra gloss
Never wax again

Extreme Protection
R1 coating Nano ceramic coating lasting 5-7 years

Why Will You Love Your R1 Coating?

Protection – R1 Coatings protects against scratches, chips, UV Damage, bird droppings, and acid rain – keeping their vehicle in like-new condition for years.
• Durability – Once applied, R1 CoatingsTM will outlive the lifetime of the car with proper care and maintenance.
• Appearance – Nano ceramic coatings give vehicle finishes a shine that you won’t find anywhere else and revitalize the look of dull paint.
• Maintenance – R1 CoatingsTM makes waxing a thing of the past. All that is needed to keep a vehicle clean is water and a mild soap!


What Is Nano Ceramic Coating?

At Done Right Detailing, we exclusively use top of the line R1 Coatings for our Ceramic Coating. R1 CoatingsTM Nano Ceramic Coating chemically bonds to any surface it’s applied to, providing a durable, permanent barrier from the elements. Nano ceramic coatings can be applied to almost any surface, even wheels and rims. Ceramic coating technology has been around for years and has been used on everything from aircrafts to bridges to space shuttles. R1 CoatingsTM now incorporates this same technology into a professional grade coating for the automotive industry to give your vehicle the same level of superior protection and shine. In addition to protecting vehicle interiors and exteriors, R1 CoatingsTM Nano Ceramic Coating can also be used to protect boats, aircraft, motorcycles, motor homes, jet skis, snow mobiles, ATVs, and more.


What does paint correction do?

It aims to remove surface paint defects due to various reasons:
• UV Rays
•Improper washing techniques
• Salt and road debris

• Etc..

The use of paint correction equipment and skill set makes the cost a little pricey. You can expect on the low end to pay a few hundred dollars up to several hundred dollars based on the amount of surface damage, time spent on paint correction and size of vehicle.

First a hand wash followed by a thorough decontamination. Next comes a 2-3 step paint correction. This removes about 80% of the paint defects and leaves a nice gloss finish this will also take out swirling of the paint. The last step will be the applying of a paint sealant or wax.

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